With our No-Dig solutions, not only does pipe lining save you money in the long run, but it also reduces the chances of having to hire additional contractors to put your home back together. Why dig up your yard or your basement, when we can come do the work without destroying your property. Our pipe lining carries a 50 year warranty and can usually be completed within a day. For more information, you can read more about pipe lining and watch videos below. If you need any more information, please feel free to give us a call at (636) 856-8989.

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The Sewer Lateral Repair Program covers the cost of repairing a defective residential sewer lateral in unincorporated Saint Louis County and in some municipalities that are contracted with Saint Louis County. The covered portion of the residential sewer lateral runs from the foundation of a house to the sewer main.

sewer lateral program

Below are a list of municipalities that Pipe Solutions works with. If you do not see your hometown on the list, call your city water department and ask about their Sewer Lateral Assistance program.

Pipe Lining

what is pipe lining

Pipe Lining is a no dig, no trenching, minimally invasive alternative to replacing sewer lines. By lining your pipes from the inside, we create a new stronger pipe without disrupting your landscaping, driveway, or breaking up concrete in your basement or slab home.

Pipe Lining Facts

*Residential and Commercial properties can save up to 75% in costs with pipe lining compared to traditional sewer pipe replacement.

*Pipe Lining has a 50 year warranty
*Industrywide, it is estimated that CIPP has been used to rehabilitate 35,000 miles of pipe since 1971.

*Pipe Lining can take care of fully absent pipe sections, faulty connections, mismatched pipes, root penetration, wear and tear, pipe fracturing or cracking, corrosion, chemical exposure, and foundation shifting.

plumbing diagram

How does all of this work?

Are you having a problem with gurgling sounds, sewer smell in your yard, or puddles in the yard? You could possibly have a collapsed sewer pipe or tree roots clogging the pipe up.

First things first, have a sewer inspection completed! Rather you have Pipe Solutions complete a camera inspection or someone else, this is a must! That way we have a visual of what is going on and be able to find the best solution to your fix. 

Once Pipe Solutions receives or completes your camera inspection, we will be able to give you an estimate to complete the lining. Once the estimate has been approved, We will schedule for a day that is convenient for you to have everything completed.

Our certified, trained technicians will have your sewer pipes lined and ready for use before they leave!

Video Library

Sometimes words alone are not enough.
Here is a video that will explain our sewer line repair process and what you should expect.