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Pipe Solutions is a water management company that provides both residential and commercial plumbing, pipe lining, and irrigation services. Our leading edge, full service company has over 34 years of experience in plumbing, 18 years of experience in pipe lining, and 28 years of experience in irrigation and water management. In addition, we have been active in the pipe restoration business and have the knowledge about all aspects of pipe technology. We also specialize in the installation of water management products. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals in plumbing, pipe lining, and irrigation provide services to find solutions for all your plumbing needs.




Frequently Asked Questions

I have an appointment coming up, how should i prepare?

You have a plumbing problem, so you called us out for a service appointment, Now What?

  • Is there anything in the plumbers way? We ask that you please remove and relocate any items that may be a hinderance, such as piles of laundry, storage, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • We love all the animals, but we have to ask that aggressive animals be put away while our plumbers are at your home.
  • Once the plumber arrives, let him/her know what your questions or concerns are, then we will get started right away.

Why does my toilet keep running?

Your toilet sounds like it is running or leaking because the overflow water is dripping into the tank. This could be a simple fix such as replacing the flush valve or fill valve, or you may need to replace all innards of the toilet tank. The easiest way to find out if you have a toilet leak is to add 2-3 drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and wait about half an hour. If the color spreads into the toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

What can I put down my garbage disposal?

Your garbage disposal is not a catch all, and they tend to back up and freeze up quickly if not used properly. Avoid putting food wrappers, fruit and vegetable peels and grease down the disposal.

But What Can I Put Down My Disposal?
-ice cubes, dish soap, soft food, non-grease liquids, etc.

Is it safe to use drain cleaner chemicals?

Drain cleaning is caustic, meaning it will eat away at your pipes. If it gets in contact wit your skin, the cleaner can cause severe rashes and chemical burns. If you are calling a plumber out after you have placed drain cleaning chemicals down your drain, please advise the office so we can schedule accordingly. The chemicals can sit in your drain for almost 24 hours before being flushed out. If a plumber comes out to unclog a drain that has had chemicals in it, this could potentially splash back at the plumber, or yourself if you are close enough. Even the most organic chemicals can be dangerous. While drain cleaners may seem like a simple solution, it’s best to unclog your drains with an auger, cable machine, or plunger depending on how bad and where your clog is.

Where and how do i turn my water off?

Oh NO! There’s a terrible leak in your home, but the plumber can’t get there for a couple more hours. In most cases, you can turn the water off to your home by your self. While you are waiting for the plumber, go into your basement or utility closet to locate your shut off valve. Turn the lever or wheel handle clockwise or until the valve is horizonal, to turn the water off to your home.
Your main shut off is typically located near the front foundation wall. The main water pipe usually come through the concrete floor or through the wall, you should follow that pipe up about 3-5ft until you see the valve needed to turn your water off.

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