Stoppages & Sewer backups
in St. Louis 

Did your kids flush a toy down the toilet? Is your sink constantly full of water and just won’t drain? When it comes to stoppages/Sewer backups, our team of experts have all the right tools to get your home or business back up in tip top condition. Our services include, drain cleaning, jetting, heavy root removal, and TV Camera inspections. If your toilets, sinks, or your whole house is backing up and causing a stink; It’s time to call Pipe Solutions! 

Root removal
clogged drain
rocks in drain

These clogs always tend to come at the worst times! We have cleared out tree roots the size of small trees, hair, diapers & wipes, rocks, toys, sludge, and many more things you wouldn’t want to find in your drains. If you start to notice your plumbing having issues or stopping up, make sure you get it taken care of sooner rather than later. 

With smaller clogs, you might be able to take care of the issue yourself before calling in the professionals. Learn the difference between the different types of plungers to find out which would be best for your clogs. 


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